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Micro & Macro level carbon offsetting

Micro and Macro Carbon Offsetting

Explore more on how Micro & Macro level carbon offsetting can be incentivized for effective carbon reduction and mitigation strategies towards net zero 2050. Micro Carbon Offset : Individual, Household & Local Community Macro Carbon Offset : Government, Policymakers, Investors &…

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Carbon Dioxide Equivalent CO2eq

What is CO2 and CO2e/CO2eq ?

Not all Carbon Credits are created equal. Find out more about the differences between CO2 and CO2e/CO2eq, and understand its composition, purpose, pros and cons. CO2 : Carbon Dioxide CO2e/CO2eq : Carbon Dioxide Equivalent We need to be specific to reach…

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What is a Carbon Registry?

As we move towards carbon neutrality, there is a need for a proper way to track and verify created carbon credits, so it can be traded for financial value that will allow businesses to reduce their carbon emissions in the short…

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carbon offset

What is Carbon Offset?

The world is getting hotter and we have seen the bad effects of climate change around us. As we fight this war against climate change, everybody plays an important role in reducing their carbon footprint no matter how small the effort…

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