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Karbon Hero SDGs Carbon Credits3

10 SDGs financed with Carbon Credits

Green financing via Carbon Credits can address and accelerate Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Organizations and businesses can align their climate action strategies and deployment to specific SDGs when purchasing carbon credits from targeted offset projects that build upon its core fundamentals…

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Karbon Hero : Carbon Credit Pricing Formula

Carbon Credit Pricing Formula

How Carbon Credit should be priced ? Here’s a simple formula to understand the core components when pricing Carbon Credits. Project developers, buyers and resellers should take note on the pricing mechanisms of credits to ensure purchased carbon credits are of…

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Karbon Hero NBS carbon Credits

Nature-based Solutions Carbon Credits : Pros and Cons

Carbon Credits created from Nature-based Solutions : Understanding its development for better carbon credit accounting and credit valuation. What Are Nature-based Solutions Carbon Credits ? The protection and restoration of natural resources and occurrences that sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) and other…

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Karbon Hero : 10 Things You Must Know About CARBON CREDITS

10 Things You Must Know About CARBON CREDITS

As the carbon markets grow and organizations put more emphasis in buying carbon credits to fulfil their ESG and sustainability requirements, here are 10 things you must know about Carbon Credits. It’s important to remember that Carbon Credits are a transitional…

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Micro & Macro level carbon offsetting

Micro and Macro Carbon Offsetting

Explore more on how Micro & Macro level carbon offsetting can be incentivized for effective carbon reduction and mitigation strategies towards net zero 2050. Micro Carbon Offset : Individual, Household & Local Community Macro Carbon Offset : Government, Policymakers, Investors &…

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Genesys Reserve Launches The Issuance, Ownership & Transfer Platform (IO&T) For Carbon Credits

Genesys Reserve Launches The Issuance, Ownership & Transfer Platform (IO&T) For Carbon Credits

The launch of the purpose-built Issuance, Ownership &Transfer (“IO&T”) Platform marks a milestone for the world’s first dynamic carbon registry, Genesys Reserve. The IO&T platform is intended to serve as an accessible, transparent, and user-friendly avenue for developers, buyers and verifiers…

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Key Stakeholders in the Carbon Market - Karbon Hero

Key Stakeholders in the Carbon Market

Who are the key stakeholders in the Carbon Market and their roles. The deeper we understand the relevant people in the Carbon Market, we will be able to develop high-impact environmental and social mitigation strategies that are beneficial to the voices…

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Karbon Hero - Types of Carbon Markets : Compliance vs Voluntary

Types of Carbon Markets : Compliance Vs Voluntary

What’s the difference between Carbon Credits from the Compliance Market and the Voluntary Market? Below shows an easy comparison of the differences and similarities of both. Compliance Carbon Market : Also known as “cap-and-trade”, “emission trading system (ETS)”. Voluntary Carbon Market…

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Carbon Dioxide Equivalent CO2eq

What is CO2 and CO2e/CO2eq ?

Not all Carbon Credits are created equal. Find out more about the differences between CO2 and CO2e/CO2eq, and understand its composition, purpose, pros and cons. CO2 : Carbon Dioxide CO2e/CO2eq : Carbon Dioxide Equivalent We need to be specific to reach…

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Types of carbon credits

Types of Carbon Credits

Understand the Types of Carbon Credits that you are purchasing and how does it contribute to the overall environmental uplift. There are three main types of carbon credits: Reduction : to reduce carbon emissions. Protection : to protect and preserve existing…

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