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Genesys Reserve Carbon Registry, World’s First Dynamic Carbon Registry

Karbon Hero Pioneers The Launch Of Genesys Reserve – World’s First Dynamic Carbon Registry

Democratising the Creation of Carbon Credits

Karbon Hero pioneers the launch of the world’s first dynamic carbon credit registry, Genesys Reserve. First of its kind, the launch of Genesys Reserve will further equip the local and international carbon markets with innovative analytic and monitoring solutions for carbon credit creations and offset project development.

“It has become apparent that the world is rapidly recognizing the value of carbon credits in light of decarbonisation. At Karbon Hero, we see significant demand for high quality carbon credits. The launch of Genesys Reserve is aimed to meet that demand,” said Dr Sarah Shahril, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Karbon Hero.

Genesys Reserve will register offset projects and issue carbon credits based on authentic and credible methodologies. These methodologies are developed based on key research by industry experts and academia members. New Methodologies will be released throughout 2023 following the launch of Genesy Reserve are;

  • E-Mobility and Electric Vehicle Methodology
  • Solar Energy Methodology
  • Nature-based Forestry Methodology

Genesys Reserve features the employment of its own exclusive Quality Assessment and Verification Framework (“QAVF”) to verify the quality of offset projects and carbon credits and scalable Micro Offset Methodologies (“MOM”) that is aimed to support and empower small-scale offset project developers and communities. The unique QAVF is developed by research and is peer-reviewed by local talents with the primary goal of promoting transparent accounting and verification in achieving carbon emission reductions and removals.

“We spent two years developing the QAVF and we are confident it will help solve the two biggest issues in the carbon credit industry, trust and reliability. Based on five (5) credit quality dimensions with seventeen (17) points of assessment that are backed by research, the QAVF promises the creation of carbon credits that have verifiable positive environmental uplift and integrity. We are also proud to announce that the QAVF is developed by local Malaysian talents that share the same passion for climate change,” said Dr Sarah Shahril, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Karbon Hero.

The launch of Genesys Reserve is based on a planet-first approach, thus the underlying objective is to ensure that offset projects are rewarded based on genuine environmental benefits. The promise of trust, reliability and transparency within the registry is assured and non-negotiable. In monetising offset projects, Genesys Reserve is aimed to further incentivise the development of offset projects by remunerating offset developers adequately and fairly. Genesys Reserve operates with the principle of respect and protection of key stakeholders within the registry.

Genesys Reserve, calls for early application for potential offset project developers for project registration via its web page www.genesysreserve.org. It is also opening early access to validation experts to be a part of the registry and looks forward to impactful synergy with potential offset developers and validation experts.

In efforts of safeguarding the environment, Karbon Hero realises that active participation on the macro and micro levels are crucial to ensure climate mitigation strategies obtain desirable outcomes. The launch of Genesys Reserve will provide the carbon markets with a reliable and legitimate source of carbon credits to both corporations and individuals.

In conjunction with the launch of Genesys Reserve, Karbon Hero is offering a pool of USD 50,000 in research and publication grants to individuals and institutions in the field of carbon capture, storage and sequestration. Karbon Hero is proud to empower knowledge and development concurrent with its planet-first approach principle. Interested individuals and institutions are welcome to email grant@karbonhero.com to find out more regarding the grants.

For more information, contact: pr@karbonhero.com.