Karbon Hero Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling Methodology

Karbon Hero Launches its Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling Methodology to Address Global Plastic Pollution

Karbon Hero is proud to announce the launch of its Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling Methodology. The Genesys Plastic ECO-Credits generated from the methodology will address global plastic pollution by incentivising the removal of plastic waste from the open environment, through the collection, recycling and sustainable storage of plastics.

Genesys Plastic ECO-credits are issued by Genesys Reserve, the world’s first dynamic carbon and eco-credit registry via its Issuance, Ownership and Transfer (“IO&T”) Platform.

Understanding the detrimental impacts of plastic pollution as well as the energy-intensive nature of plastic production and its contribution to high GHG emissions acts as the main driving factors behind
the development of this methodology. Karbon Hero’s approach in designing the methodology is grounded in the need for holistic sustainable development that maintains a balance between environmental and ecological considerations. The methodology underpins the concept of responsible consumption and production of plastics, it also aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”).

“We find ways to provide simple and practical solutions without compromising quality. Our
Plastic Waste and Recycling Methodology is the product of extensive research and
development that aims to push for impactful environmental uplift while addressing issues of
transparency and reliability. Through incentivising plastic collection and recycling activities,
we can make a significant contribution to ecological conservation and reduce environmental
and human health risks posed by plastic waste,” said Dr Sarah Shahril, CEO of Karbon Hero.

Setting the bar high and standing out with the Micro-Offset Methodology (“MOM”) framework developed by Karbon Hero will allow projects of any size to participate and generate income from their plastic collection, recycling and sustainable storage efforts. Karbon Hero is dedicated to championing grassroot initiatives that provide communities with limited financial capital and technical expertise to participate in the global drive for climate action reducing plastic pollution. With the MOM, everyone can become a project developer no matter the scale of the project.

“At Karbon Hero, our intentions of creating a sustainable future is rooted in the motivation to also uplift and support communities. The MOM is the perfect way to do exactly that and we are extremely proud to be genuine agents of change in the world by offering this option to corporates and other funding  organisations to support local communities via their ESG and CSR programs. We are revolutionising the market by propagating the idea that limited money or technical expertise is not a reason to be left behind in green financing,” said Mr Reuben Ravi, CSO of Karbon Hero.

Genesys ECO-Credits offer various options to corporates and other funding organisations to support ecological projects and bring sustainability to the community via their ESG and CSR initiatives. With the assurance of high-quality validation and verification standards to drive their impact investments. The Plastic Waste Collection and Recycling Methodology is part of Karbon Hero’s broader commitment to addressing climate change and supporting sustainable development. Interested parties will gain exclusive access to the methodology and project planning by signing up as an ECO-Credit developer or ECO-Credit funder.

What are Plastic ECO-Credits?

A certificate that constitutes an amount in kgs of plastic waste being collected, recycled or stored from the natural ecosystem or environment via verified and validated plastic waste collection, recycling or storage. These credits do not constitute as carbon offsets.

What are Carbon Credits?

A tradeable certificate which constitutes one (1) ton of CO2 or CO2e being reduced, protected or removed from the atmosphere via carbon offset projects.