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Genesys Reserve Luncurkan Metodologi Perlindungan Hutan untuk Ciptakan Karbon Kredit

Metodologi modular yang dikembangkan oleh Karbon Hero menetapkan tolok ukur global baru dalam pemantauan, pelaporan dan verifikasi kredit karbon berbasis alam, memastikan itu dapat diterapkan di hutan mana pun.

Malaysian developer launches avoided deforestation methodology

A Malaysia-based carbon offset developer has launched an avoided deforestation methodology for project developers to create high-quality carbon credits through the protection of forests.

IO&T platform boon for carbon credit trade

Genesys Reserve rolls out transparent, user-friendly avenue for developers and buyers to conduct transactions. The launch of the purpose-built Issuance, Ownership & Transfer (IO&T) platform marks a milestone for the world’s first dynamic carbon registry Genesys Reserve.

Genesys Reserve Unveils Groundbreaking Solar Electricity Generation Methodology: A Leap Towards a Low Carbon Economy

One of the standout features of this methodology is its inherent scalability. Whether it’s a small community project or a large-scale industrial initiative, the methodology can be seamlessly adapted. This global adaptability ensures that projects of all sizes can benefit from the precision and reliability that Genesys Reserve brings to the table.

Karbon Hero signs MOU with Carbon RX to adavance carbon devt in Msia

Karbon Hero and Carbon RX, the Canadian carbon solution provider have signed a strategic partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU), to share knowledge, expertise, and to further promote the development of high-quality carbon credits across Southeast Asia and the North America.

Who Are Kuala Lumpur’s Most Influential FinTech Startups in 2023?

Karbon Hero is working toward democratizing the creation of carbon credits to harness the actions of individuals for sustainable climate action. 

Genesys Reserve launches EV methodology for carbon credits

Carbon registry and accreditation platform Genesys Reserve has launched electric vehicle methodology for the creation of carbon credits

Genesys Reserve unveils first EV methodology for carbon credits creation

KUALA LUMPUR: Genesys Reserve has launched 1st Electric Vehicle (EV) Methodology for the creation of carbon credits. The standard will be used to measure, monitor, report and verify carbon emissions reductions associated with the use of EV


In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a groundbreaking startup is revolutionizing the carbon trading landscape and propelling individuals, businesses, and communities toward a sustainable and climate-secure future.

Genesys Reserve Unveils First-Ever Electric Vehicle Methodology for Carbon Credit Generation

The new methodology will play a crucial role in incentivizing the switch from carbon-intensive vehicles to electric ones, thus curtailing overall carbon emissions. Its core function is to compute emission reductions from the charging of an EV at a charging station or battery swapping station. Additionally, it will issue carbon credits for validated reductions. This unique methodology can be adapted and deployed globally, allowing for optimal carbon emissions reduction quantification in line with a country’s energy profile.