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Genesys Reserve Solar Electricity Generation Methodology

Genesys Reserve launches the First Scalable Solar Electricity Generation Methodology Forthe Creation of Carbon Credits

Genesys Reserve launches its scalable Solar Electricity Generation Methodology. The methodology will be used to measure, validate and create Genesys Carbon Certificates (“GCCs”) from solar renewable energy projects. The two technologies accepted include photovoltaic (“PV”) and solar thermal systems. The methodology is aimed to further accelerate the journey towards a low carbon economy through emission reductions from the displacement of carbon intensive energy sources.

With scalability built-in, the methodology can be adapted globally and allows for the validation of micro to large scale projects.

“Energy policies globally have rapidly shifted toward renewables with solar being a high feasibility option in many regions. With the launch of this methodology, it will provide players in the solar markets with a potential new revenue stream to help accelerate the uptake of solar systems.” said Dr. Sarah Shahril, CEO of Karbon Hero.

Genesys Reserve believes in the idea of a simple and practical approach to guarantee the creation of high-quality carbon credits, thus the launch of this methodology can act as a stepping stone for businesses and communities to monetize their transition to a low carbon economy. 

The exclusively developed Quality Assessment and Verification Framework (“QAVF”) by Karbon Hero acts as the underpinning framework for the methodology promising the creation of high-quality and genuine carbon credits. However, the methodology also adapts and integrates existing standards such as the; (1) CDM Methodology AMS-I.D. Small-scale & Large-scale Methodology: Grid connected; (2) The Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Market Core Carbon Principles; and (3) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report.