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Genesys Reserve Forest Proection Methodology Launch

Genesys Reserve Launches its Highly Anticipated Forest Protection Methodology for the Creation of Carbon Credits

Genesys Reserve proudly announces the launch of its Forest Protection Methodology. Forests are one of the world’s most effective nature-based carbon sinks and reservoirs. This methodology will allow corporate and community-based project developers to generate carbon credits through the safeguarding and management of forest land areas and its biodiversity.

The modular methodology developed by Karbon Hero sets a new global benchmark in monitoring, reporting and verification of nature-based carbon credits. Ensuring that it is deployable for any forest setting globally from micro to macro land areas, the methodology employs fixed aggregate carbon offset factors, making quantification simple while addressing the issue of overestimation of carbon removal and sequestration that currently plague this type of projects. It also will allow the additional deployment of the KOOL BUDDY track system that empowers local communities to monitor and verify protected land areas.

“The innovative method we have put forward for protecting mature forests will completely change the way carbon credits are created. With this, we are establishing new benchmarks for reliability and transparency within the carbon market, paving the path toward a solution that benefits both the environment and communities. One credit at a time,” said Dr. Sarah Shahril, Chief Executive Officer of Karbon Hero.

This methodology was developed based on the principle of promoting transparency and reliability by simplifying the quantification and tracking requirements. Genesys Reserve empowers local communities by providing an avenue to owners of small-scale developments to become project developers without the constraints of high capital expenditure and technical resources.

“We have made it extremely simple for corporations and communities to participate in the carbon market by streamlining the processes. And by addressing the pressing issue of monitoring and overestimation, we will be able to drive premium priced carbon credits via this methodology,” said Mr. Reuben Ravi, Chief Strategy Officer of Karbon Hero.

The exclusively developed Quality Assessment and Verification Framework (“QAVF”) by Karbon Hero acts as the underpinning framework for the methodology putting forward a standard and simple approach in the creation of protection carbon credits. In addition to that, the methodology also adapts and integrates existing standards such as the; (1) CDM Large Scale A/R Methodologies; (2) CDM Small Scale A/R Methodologies; and (3) Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report ensuring existing benchmarks are exceeded.

In democratising the carbon market, Genesys Reserve stands by the principles of providing simple and practical approaches in the creation of high-quality and high environmental uplift carbon credits. Only through simplicity, the issues of transparency and low reliability within the carbon market can be eradicated. Genesys Reserve also champions the idea of empowering local communities by allowing them an avenue to participate in the journey of creating a more resilient future.

Genesys Reserve welcomes eligible users to register for early access on the IO&T platform at www.genesysreserve.org